Solutions That Accelerate Your Revenue Cycle 

FBCS offers a comprehensive range of nationwide receivables management solutions to accelerate your revenue cycle, including:


Collection Services and Delinquency Management


Whether it be pre-charge off, 1st party, 3rd party primary, secondary, tertiary or warehouse programs the strategies are client specific to maximize the recovery over the account life cycle.   Teams and client specific requirements are established to execute the tasks required.   Key performance indicators are the results reviewed to ensure our strategies are in line with your goals.  The overall success is attributed to the consistent communication with the client and the customers to review the options provided and the timeliness of the repayments.   In order to make sure our team is talking with enough customers we blend our technology with a dedicated skip-tracing team and data warehouse to locate the best possible phone number for contact.    Our skip process has also allowed us to provide this as a stand-alone service providing financial institutions with another option to increase their productivity internally by increasing the verified phone numbers supplied to you for an increased contact rate.




This is an attempt to collect a debt any information obtained will be used for that purpose; this is a communication from a debt collector.