Solutions That Accelerate Your Revenue Cycle 

Today’s FBCS offers a comprehensive range of nationwide receivables management solutions that accelerate your revenue cycle, including:


Collection Services

At FBCS, we understand the challenges of working delinquent debts.  From primary portfolios, to secondary, tertiary, and warehouse programs, we’ve developed account work strategies that maximize recovery of every possible dollar over the account life cycle.  Collectors work in teams for each portfolio type, based on their skills and experience in working aging debts.  Payment plans are established for those who are not able to pay in full immediately, and FBCS monitors the timeliness of repayment.  A dedicated skiptracing team supports the collection staff, using electronic data updates and old fashioned research to locate debtors quickly and continue collection efforts.


Delinquency Management

FBCS’ delinquency management programs use a first-party, pre-collection approach to bring your delinquent accounts current and reduce charge-offs.  Whether we handle all, or only a portion, of your revenue buckets, the work standards and approach are customized to each stage of the delinquent account cycle.  You’ll receive customized reporting on the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are important to you, at the frequency you want it, to track results.


First Party Skip Tracing

FBCS, Inc. also provides their clients and other financial services companies a unique skip trace program. Your collection staff will gain 33% more productivity doing what they do best; COLLECTIONS!

FBCS, Inc. has partnered with their clients and other servicing companies’ recovery units and taken the “skip accounts” away from their collectors and a FBCS Skip Agent performs the task for you.

The dedicated skip agent solely focuses on your portfolio and verifies good phones all day long: home phone, place of employment and cell phone. The verified hits are then sent back to you in a maintenance file daily, weekly, monthly, or whatever fits your preference. We recommend daily; this way the next day you can upload the verified hits on your system and have your collector talk to the consumer.